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English or Western ridingJumping or eventingStable and Horse Management
NHB Deurne
Bruggenseweg 11a, Postbus 44
5750 AA Deurne
51° 28' 33.2652" N, 5° 45' 59.0472" E
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+31 493 31 30 06
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The Dutch Government
Instructor/Coaching courses up to International Level III and Stable Management
English or Western riding
Jumping or eventing
Stable and Horse Management
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Specialty School

With a number of approximately 600 students NHB Deurne is by far the biggest equestrian school in the Netherlands. Besides national and international courses are provided. Education can be done in three directions: Sport, Health en Business, vocational and applied science level.

The extensive equestrian knowledge of NHB is also applied for innovation projects and expert coaching and support for both federations, companies and sports organisations. The advanced facilities of the NHB Fieldlab is used for this.

Every year approximately 80.000 people visit NHB Deurne for one of the many Equestrian Events that are hosted on the NHB terrain. NHB Deurne is the Equestrian Centre of the Netherlands!

Expert coaching and support
On your request, NHB Deurne offers extra facilities in the form of support and coaching by an expert team of fifteen equestrian instructors and twenty specialized teachers. This team offers specialists in the area of dressage, show jumping, didactics, driving, trotting, knowledge of training, feeding and stabling, farriery and veterinary knowledge. They take care of a large number of specific trainings, courses and educations.

NHB Fieldlab
In recent years NHB has developed the NHB Fieldlab with the aim to bridge the gap between research and practice: “from knowledge to practice”. The fieldlab is a riding hall with state of the art facilities for assessing and monitoring the performance of horses, riders and the interaction between rider and horse. Facilities include e.g. camera systems, heart rate and positioning measuring systems for horse and rider, measuring devices for assessing load on saddle, rains and stirrup. Furthermore software for technical sports analysis is available.

Respected partnerhip
Various institutes and organisations in equestrian sport and horse management co-operate with NHB Deurne and regard us as a respected partner. Among them are the KNHS (Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation) and the KWPN (Royal Dutch Sport Horse), which regularly organise mare testing in one of our riding halls. Together with the Federation of Dutch Riding Schools, NHB Deurne has designed special courses for riding schools. For many years, there has been a co-operation with renown partners as the FNRS (Dutch Federation of riding schools), Dutch Farriers Association, Academy/Stal Bartels, and other knowledge organisations such as the University of Utrecht and Stoas College.

International NHB
NHB Deurne and ten renowned schools in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Protugal, England. Ireland and France co-operate in a network called EEN, the Educational Equestrian Network. The IGEQ, the International Group of Equestrian Qualifications, internationally acknowledged NHB diplomas. Students can take part in various programmes and practical training places abroad.

Accommodation and facilities

Three indoor riding halls
One riding hall of 25x106 metres and can be divided in two arenas. This hall offers a fixed stand with 300 seats for indoor events. Both other riding halls measure 25x65 and 20x40 metres respectively.

Outdoor grounds
The canter track is 700 metres long. In the centre of the track one can find a driving place, three lungeing circles and an outdoor arena of 25x65 metres. On the edge of the wood, a jumping course with a number of fixed obstacles is situated, which can also be used for driving.

Horses and stabling
The centre owns 40 horses and accommodates a total of 225 horses of students and owners. The stable is equipped with a solarium. For the trotting and driving sport there is a separate stable.

The farriery has seven gas-fuelled forges, a welding cabin and a practice classroom for hoof care. All horses at the centre are shod there, if necessary with therapeutic shoeing.

Restaurant, conference centre and foyer
The restaurant seats 170 people. The foyer -next to the large riding hall- is suitable for receiving groups up to 150 visitors. Furthermore conference and presentation rooms are available for up to 120 people.

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